Autocrop Deep-dive Effortlessly scanning documents, every time.

Autocrop is our term for improving your scanning experience and encompasses the detection, perspective correction and automatic capture of a page. When sufficient contrast between the paper and a background exists, the detected page will be filled with a yellow overlay and a yellow bar will indicate the algorithm's confidence. Once the bar grows to full width, the scan is automatically captured.

Improve Autocrop Performance
  • Increase background to paper contrast ration
  • Even Lighting of the room
  • Keeping device steady
  • Clearly visible corners of the paper

Under the hood, Autocrop's foundation builds on Apple's Vision.framework, a state of the art machine learning tool for computers to make sense of the world. Once a trapezoid is detected, we look at the same coordinates in the next frame. If the corners have not moved too far, we can increase our confidence value. Once we reach a certain threshold, we initiate a scan.

We hope this provides you with a little more understanding how the Autocrop system works and responds to environmental factors when scanning documents. If you have any more questions or would like to include our Scanning SDK in your app, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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