What do I do when sync is stuck? Help to get uploads working again.

In certain scenarios InstaPDF can stop uploading your documents. This article explains why and how to continue using the service without running into these issues.

No Internet Connection

InstaPDF needs an internet connection to upload documents. The documents you scan offline are added to a permanent queue, which is worked off one by one once a connection becomes available.
Solution: Wait until you are online again. The scans will not be lost, even if you quit the app. Document upload will resume when the internet connection is stable enough.

Large Documents

InstaPDF is not made for storing large books with more than 200 pages. We allow the upload of training manuals and course materials, but please refrain from uploading copyrighted material.
Solution: Please do not upload books with more than 200 pages to InstaPDF.

Other issue

If sync is stuck or has skipped an item it could lead to data inconsistencies in the long run. We have not yet encountered such an example in our production environment.
Solution: Remove your account and log back in. This will reset the local database.

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