Custom Document Attributes Add personalised fields to documents

The Request

Not every user is able store the information associated with a document in only a title or tag field. It should be possible to store additional information such as date, contacts, locations, amounts with every document.


Each user requires different types of fields for their documents. If you care about how much you spend and upload bills to InstaPDF, an amount field should not only be added to every document, but also you should get the ability to export this information. The name for the field should also be user definable.

We have settled on the following possible values with each having a user definable key:

  • Text
  • Option Field
  • Numbers: Float / Decimal
  • Contacts
  • Locations
Status: Prototyping

Due to the complexity of this feature, we're still in the prototyping phase. Our goal is to make the user interface as easy to use as possible, without losing any performance in the backend.

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