Better Scan Results Good lighting and contrast is key.

Optimal scanning results are achieved with a high contrast background, i.e. having a white paper and a darker background works best.

  • For Autocrop to work, make sure there is sufficient contrast between the paper and the background.
  • Make sure there is enough lighting in the room. However, too much light shining directly on a glossy paper document can cause subpar results.
  • Choosing the Text-only Filter can yield significant speed gains, since files are much smaller.
  • Always allow sufficient time for the Camera Viewer to adjust the Auto-focus.
  • In poor lighting conditions it is recommended to scan multiple areas of a document and thus creating a multiple page PDF rather than scanning the whole document at once.

Good lighting & dark, plain background for white paper produce the best scans results. And great scan results do not only increase the readability of your document, but will also improve the OCR performance considerably.

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